What Are The Different Types of Pot Planters You Can Shop?

If you know someone who likes gardening or likes to plant trees in their free time, they are known to have impeccable taste when it comes to pots. They have gone from doing it yourself with plastic or glass bottles to choosing the trendiest ways to make your garden or balcony look beautiful. Gardening has gone from growing things you like to growing things you need and has also evolved into a therapeutic way of spending your time. Planters can be referred to as the new decor specialists because adding plants to your home or space is the easiest way to bring in the sleek modern minimalism people are talking about. 

Trends for planters have not been a new thing. They have been explored, from colourful baskets hanging on top to white ceramic pots that give your balcony the aesthetic vibe you’re going for. Apart from that, there are various designs that one can opt for, like hollow circle pots or geometric metal planters to add the essence of a classy look. To buy planters or to understand which planters fit the best for you, here are a few trending planters that might help you:

Wood: If you are looking for something that matches the traditional vibe of wood and gives you an essence of sophisticated wood is your go-to planter. They can be used indoors due to climatic conditions that can harm them and look great on tabletops when used as centrepieces. It grabs guests’ attention and gives your house the exact vibe you are going for. 

Metal: Geometric metal hanging planters have gone viral as a way to showcase miniature succulents. They look incredibly well when their natural silver shine is used to create a fancy look and give your space a glamorous look. They can be placed near dim lights or near walls and look best when placed indoors. When paired with glass and golden wires around the edges, metal gives the planter a lux look commonly seen in Scandinavian decor. Even bigger golden metal pots look great in rooms with a wooden finish. 

Terracotta: Even though the most common form of a planter, the terracotta pots are the ones that can be played around with in terms of designs, colours, and shapes. They can be used outdoors and provide solutions for overwatering as it is porous. In addition, they can be used for dry soil plants like cactus. The recent trend suggests choosing white terracotta plants with a marble finish that provides an elegant look to the space. Terracotta planters are similar to ceramic pottery, a type of planter. 

Stone Pots: Although very heavy to carry around, these pots can be used if you are looking for an exquisite taste for your space. The stone brings in an earthy vibe and, at the same time, provides you with a classy look. Often used near walls due to the heaviness, these planters can be paired with hangers or carved to shape like a fountain pot and used in larger spaces like villas or houses. 

Final Thoughts

To buy planters from select merchants differs from person to person. Choosing what fits you the best depends on your style and the existing elements in your space. These trends can help you choose the one that matches with space and can help you refine your home or room. 


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