When Did Will Chris Smith Slap Rock Reviews ( july 2022 ) – When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock?

When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock we discussed the near five-minute and half-minute videos Smith has posted on YouTube.

Are you familiar with the Will-Rock slapping incident. Have you ever seen the video of this incident? The slapping incident caused controversy in the United StatesUnited Kingdom and Canada. It also drew criticism from around the world.

Will Smith, however, came forward with a “It’s just a minute …”” video clip from yesterday a few months later. What’s the story in this video? We will also discuss the incident in When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock ?

It has been a minute!

Will Smith spoke out about his 29 March act on the 29th of July 2022, months later than the slapping incident. He uploaded almost 5 minutes of video to Instagram, where he apologized to Rock, his wife, and their family.

His apologies also extend to Pinkett Smith, his children, fans, friends and Oscar nominees. He expressed regret for his actions and said that it wasn’t about who he hurt but that he doesn’t believe that it was the right way to act in that moment.

When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock?

Smith was performing on the eve the 94th Academy Awards, 27 March 2022. Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s head. Jada Smith gets her head shaved because of spot baldness, also known by alopecia areata.

Yesterday’s video shows Smith saying he tried to reach out to Chris afterwards, but the comedian refuted it. The video shows Smith answering the camera, reading the questions, and then apologizing.

What are the consequences of this incident?

When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock ,he completes the documentary without speaking about the incident. He later apologized to his fellow cast members, nominated actors, Academy, and Rock for his behavior. He apologized to Academy and Rock on social media the next day.

Smith also resigned as an Academy member on the 1st of April. He was facing dismissal and was banned from participating in Academy activities for the ten years starting 8th April. Also, it was claimed that When Did Chris Smith Slap Rock Smith was asked to quit the show. Later, he said that Rock didn’t want him to be forced out.

More about the video:

YouTube has now received more than 19M views and 16k comment. Many users are grateful for his efforts. Chris Rock is the one who needs to be forgiven. Let’s see if Rock accepts Smith’s apology and forgives him.


The incident was discussed at the Academy Awards ceremony. An apology video was posted to Will Smith’s official YouTube channel and Instagram account. Now, you need to know. If you haven’t yet watched Will Smith’s apology video,


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