Who Are Aws Technology Partners?

AWS Partner India Paths are a customizable method to increase your AWS involvement. Navigate through resources, perks, and relevant initiatives to your business. Partner paths are designed to complement and strengthen a variety of client solutions such as software, hardware, services, training, and distribution.

What is APN?

Cloud software and service providers who have earned the endorsement of Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) have completed various requirements to join. 

AWS Partner India falls into two categories: consulting partners and technology partners. Partners with APN assist AWS customers with the implementation and management of their AWS cloud infrastructure. 

System integrators managed service providers, and other consultancies and agencies are examples of these sorts of partners. APN Technology Partners offer software tools and services that are hosted on AWS or interface with it. 

Independent software manufacturers and suppliers of software as a service, platform as a service, developer and security tools are examples of these sorts of partners.

What Makes the APN Unique?

AWS addresses collaboration in a unique way. We start with the client and develop methods that enable APN Partners to provide high-quality AWS solutions and services to joint customers.

The APN makes it simple for partners to locate relevant businesses, and technical and customizable marketing tools to assist in the development of a healthy, sustainable, and lucrative firm.

Clients know they can rely on APN Partners to follow AWS best practices, whether they are APN Consulting Partners handling bulk migrations or independent software vendors (ISVs) building innovative solutions.

What are the benefits of becoming an AWS Partner?

By becoming a member of the global AWS Partner Network, you will be able to:

  1. AWS Partner India enables you to gain credibility by utilizing the AWS brand, recognized for innovation, customer centricity, and the speed with which it innovates.
  2. Deliver greater innovation with AWS’s ever-changing array of ground-breaking technologies and services.
  3. Work with a Partner Manager who will contact you within one (1) business day of signing up for the APN.
  4. APN programs that assist in differentiating your business practice might help you highlight your expertise.
  5. Define your APN Partner path depending on your company’s business focus and skills.
  6. Increase your visibility to AWS field employees and customers while capitalizing on sales possibilities.
  7. AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog for AWS customers, allows you to promote and sell your solutions.
  8. Collaborate and share resources, information, and experience with the APN Partner community to maximize prospects.
  9. Save time and money by getting the tools and resources you need to reach out to customers and respond to consumer complaints swiftly.


AWS Test Drive is a free offering that allows an AWS Partner India to deploy preconfigured server-based tools and workloads built by other APN Consulting and Technology Partners in a test environment alongside step-by-step documentation and labs. 

AWS Test Drive offerings cover prominent cloud computing areas such as big data, security, storage, and DevOps.

As part of its APN Portal, AWS provides free e-learning courses to partners so they can gain accreditation in specific technical areas. AWS customers may also sign up for webinars, boot camps, workshops, and other instructional AWS content on technical, marketing, and business themes.

After registering for partner status, an AWS client obtains log-in credentials for the APN Portal. After that, the customer can add people using a self-registration link. APN also provides a Partner Scorecard to measure partner tier level advancement.


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