Will When The Aliens Land ( may 2022 ) – About Alien’s Earth Landing

This article explains the assertions that a popular self-proclaimed psychic on recent alien activity. Find out more about What will happen when the Aliens arrive?

Are you curious to learn more the truth behind the assertion of a popular self-proclaimed psychic? Are you interested in knowing more about the other assertions that support the current assertion? Go through the article to find out more about his assertions with aliens threatening earth.

The people of within the United States are stunned by the news report that talks about the possibility of an the invasion of aliens. The findings of the researcher are trending on the major websites for social networking.

Let’s look at ” Will When the Aliens Land ?” and find out more about this issue.

About Alien’s Earth Landing

Uri Geller, an international star who has amazed the world through his mind-reading abilities, has returned to the top of the list by claiming that there will be aliens coming to earth in the next few years. Uri claimed that aliens could land on earth within 5 years from now.

Uri also asserts that he witnessed the actions of the aliens through his psychic abilities. Additionally the claims also claim that aliens constructed doors to the red planet making use of advanced lasers.

Will When the Aliens Land?

  • Uri affirms that the psychic powers revealed the actions performed by the aliens that are beyond the earth.
  • According to his claims that the aliens monitor human activities for an extended period of period of.
  • Uri said that he was able to observe these events with remote viewing.’
  • Aside from that He also states that his brain travels time and space to observe the activities of the aliens.
  • Uri adds that a variety of odd activities are occurring in space. He discovers NASA’s evidence that disproves the alien’s threat to humanity alarming.

Who is Uri Geller?

  • ‘ Will When the Aliens arrive be a thing of the past? A popular question resulted from Uri Geller’s recent comments.
  • Uri Geller, an illusionist and performer and self-proclaimed psychic known for his spoon-bending shows and other illusions appearing on T.V. shows.
  • Geller was born on the 20th Dec 1946, on the 20th December 1946 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • He entertained audiences for more than 40 years and was featured on numerous TV shows and performances around the world.
  • Geller says he utilized his psychic abilities to help Reading F.C. to stay out of relegation 2002.

More Claims by Uri Geller

  • Geller also says that he saw aliens on Mars. Learn more about Do the Aliens arrive?
  • Geller believes that within 5 and 25 years, aliens will come to Earth and will begin to live here.
  • Geller is also against the idea of an alien invasion since he believes that aliens would like to make friends with humans and live an idyllic life on Earth.

Please be aware that these data are based upon online data We have not constructed any of the information.


Uri Geller’s continued to draw attention from the media for his paranormal claims and claims. The claims he made about extraterrestrials were embraced by a huge audience.


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