You’re Temporarily Blocked |  Check your account status?

Messenger allows you to instantly reach people on your phone using mobile messaging apps. Messenger allows you to send stickers and private messages, chat with groups and make free calls to other countries.

To find friends, you can use your phone number or name. When you open Facebook, Messenger will show you your friends.

If a friend has turned on receipts and read your message, you will see “Read” followed by the time it was read. If your message has not been read, you will see “Sent.”

Let’s now look at how to fix the Messenger error “You’re Temporarily Blocked from performing this action”.

Reasons why “You’re Temporarily Blocked from performing

You might get a warning message from Facebook Messenger if you send the same message multiple times to Facebook Messenger. This is especially frustrating if you are trying to communicate with friends or family.

Although there are many reasons why users might receive this error message, most are related to spamming. Facebook wants to ban users who send spamming messages too frequently or try to send the same message repeatedly.

This error message is likely to be a result of a Facebook Messenger user flagging your message as spam. Check your account status. If it isn’t disabled, it will return to normal within a few hours.

There are many things you can do if you receive an error message from Facebook Messenger.

You can also send messages using another method, such as text messaging or email, instead of the Facebook Messenger app.

If your account is still disabled, you can contact Facebook support to request an Unblock.

Fix: “You’re Temporarily Blocked from performing this action” in Messenger

This error informs users that Messenger has You’re Temporarily Blocked them from doing any actions. This error can happen when you use the mobile application or website.

*Watch this video.

Although the description of the error is not clear, some users claimed that it happened after sending too many messages in a short time. Others said it happened after sending more than 10 images. Other users claim that it occurred after they sent more than 10 photos. Some others don’t know why this happened.

No matter how long a block is, it’s only temporary. Once you’ve completed a block, your friend requests, messages, media and messaging will all be available again.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid making this mistake again.

1. Send messages to people you know

Messenger will temporarily block you from performing the action. You should stop sending messages to people you do not know.

You may be reported as spam if you send a message to someone who hasn’t connected to you on Messenger. If they don’t recognize you in their inbox, some people might report your message request.

To be fair and respectful to everyone on Messenger, I ask you to only send messages people who message you first or are friends on Facebook.

This rule does not apply to messages sent to business partners and service providers. You may be warned or You’re Temporarily Blocked from sending messages to anyone not on the above list if you send a message to them.

2. Check Out Facebook Messenger Guidelines

You’re Temporarily Blocked Messenger means you can’t use the app for a specified time. People are usually blocked for spamming, harassment, or sending suspicious link requests.

To learn more about the content that Facebook does not allow, I recommend reading . To learn how to fix such blocking errors, make sure to visit the article at that page.

3. Share realistic content

This error can be caused by many reasons. This error can be caused by trying to send too many messages with identical content within a short time.

This error may be displayed if you post in too many group chats. Facebook will ban you if it finds that your messages or posts are inappropriate or irrelevant.

These are some ways to resolve this problem.

1. Only post sensible content. Nothing inappropriate, not fake news.

2. Post less often. Don’t overdo it.

3. If you are unable to use an app, Facebook Messenger can be used on your browser.

Now, let’s wrap it up.These are the steps to fix the “You have been temporarily prevented from performing this action” error in Messenger. This error doesn’t seem to be related to any specific action. Users are unable to send friend requests or post updates. There is no simple solution to the problem.

It may be possible to prevent it from happening again depending on what caused it and how you acted in the past. You should be able use the app as long as you don’t violate any of Facebook’s Community Standards (shared below) or Terms of Services during your time on Messenger


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